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Our Services

Carter Shipping Line is a world leader in global container shipping and a company offering global service with local knowledge. Carter Shipping Line also provides integrated network of road, rail and sea transport resources which stretches across the globe.

NVOCC Logistics and Shipping

Carter Shipping Line offers comprehensive NVOCC solutions, providing customers with a seamless and hassle-free end-to-end experience. Our NVOCC services cover European ports, UAE ports, China ports, major Indian ports, and Umm Qasr, ensuring efficient movement across these sectors. Experience hassle-free logistics and shipping with our one-stop solution.

Cargo Handling & Packaging

Carter Shipping Line offers global cargo handling and packaging services. As a licensed agency, we provide clearance and forwarding services worldwide. Our experienced ground staff ensures expert handling, loading, and unloading. Our professional team unpacks and repacks all types of goods. Services available in major countries.

Cross Stuffing Inventory Management

Carter Shipping Line provides efficient and cost-effective cross stuffing and inventory management services. Our comprehensive modules include product tracking, labeling, marking, as well as bonded and unbonded stocking. With our expert team, we ensure that inventory is properly tracked, labeled, and marked for easy identification. We offer both bonded and unbonded stocking options to provide flexibility in inventory management. Additionally, our cross-docking service enables seamless transfer of goods between different modes of transport, ensuring efficient logistics operations.

Our Credentials

We Have a world wide network and have tie up with agents all across the globe

Why us

Despite the latest technologies and online services, there are a lot of things that can go wrong while shipping goods And products. At Carter Shipping Line, we bring you decades of experience with a comprehensive solution to help navigate the complexity of international and domestic freight forwarding.

Expertise in Navigating Shipping Complexity

At Carter Shipping Line, we understand that despite the latest technologies and online services, there are still many challenges that can arise during the shipping process. That's why we bring you decades of experience in navigating the complexities of international and domestic freight forwarding.

Hands-On Customer Support

We know that monitoring your shipment can be a stressful process, which is why our customer support team provides hands-on assistance throughout the entire shipping process. We believe in cutting complexity, not conversations.

Competitive Rates without Compromising Safety

We understand that cost is an important factor in your shipping decisions, but we never cut corners that could compromise the safety of your cargo. Instead, we leverage our strong relationships with carriers to negotiate the best possible rates for our customers.

Streamlined Coordination and Collaboration

We simplify your efforts by being your single point of contact for all your shipment needs. Our trusted network spans over 500+ agents across 50 countries who we collaborate with to get your cargo delivered correctly and on time

Full Compliance and Clearance Services

As registered clearance agents, we have the expertise and resources to provide full clearance and forwarding services for shipments to and from worldwide locations. You can trust us to handle all the necessary compliance requirements and ensure a smooth shipping process.

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